Welcome to my blog, you are reading my very first post.

Inspired by the work of many great programmers, and after many failed attempts to start a personal blog, here I am … again. Persistance is definitely one of the most important skills to have, especially as a developer. Frustration moments are endless, you have to continuously hit that wall stopping you till it breaks !


I never had a personal blog, always wanted it but never had the time, or better say, the motivation to maintain it. The fear of sharing poor content with awful writing style or having to post regularly did also play a huge role, but hey ! we are all in an endless learning process and you just have to start somewhere.
As a challenge, I decided to start this blog to push myself out from my comfort zone and also improve my learning/writing in the way.


Choosing a blogging engine wasn’t really that complicated. It’s just a tool and the focus should be toward the content not the style.
I chose to use Hexo hosted on netlify with a slightly customized Apollo Theme.
This is definitely a temporary choice, I’m planning to rebuild my own blog from scratch.